How Your Diet Can Revamp Your Hair's Health or Totally Ruin It

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Having a good healthy diet isn't just for your internal health, as it actually plays a huge role in keeping your locks luscious and beautiful. With a nutrition-packed diet, total Vole Hair Care and some simple lifestyle changes, you can get your hair back to the bouncy, beautiful version that it once was. Whether your locks are lacking after the use of too many heat products or just from a very poor diet, it is about time to treat yourself to thorough health and beauty that can be seen and felt both internally and externally.


Get More B Vitamins

You may not know that many women actually have some sort of B-vitamin deficiency, and if you've been feeling as dragged down as your hair appears, this could be the culprit to your problems. Maybe you've just been noticing a lot more shedding, slow growth or really weak hair strands.
Either way though, it is always recommended to start enjoying more B-Vitamins that can be found in foods such as chickpeas, lean beef, chicken, wild salmon, shellfish, oats, bananas, rice, squash, eggs and so much more. This is vital to your hair care health as B-Vitamins encourage the creation of red blood cells which carry the oxygen and nutrients around your body to different cells with your scalp, follicles and hair growth being some of the best in this case scenario.

Boost up the Biotin

Biotin is a common ingredient associated with quality hair, and it is often used in many hair care products. It is also a B vitamin and is vital to hair growth and complete scalp health. You can enhance both of those elements by adding some Vole regenerative serum into your beauty regime, and try to incorporate more eggs, peanut and almond butters, walnut, whole wheat breads, avocados and raspberries into your diet. There are also many other food items that offer Biotin so you are bound to find something you'll savor for longer, gorgeous hair health.

Enhance with Iron-Rich Protein

Your body needs iron just as much as your hair does. If you've been feeling weak, fatigue and your hair has felt the same as well, you should try to get more iron into your diet to help red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body. In the worst case scenario, you may be experiencing hair loss but that can all quickly be taken care of with vole hair care and a dose of iron-rich proteins that can be found in foods such as red meats which is easily absorbed by your body, as well as starchy beans, lentils, and dark leafy greens. Chicken, turkey, shrimp, eggs, asparagus, spinach and broccoli are also excellent sources of this vitamin.


Blast the Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is another one of those ingredients that is crucial to encouraging hair growth and health hair cells. With some vole regenerative serum and little diet changes, you can eliminate a dry, dull and itchy scalp and rejuvenate your current-lifeless hair. Find this healthy hair-blasting ingredient in foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, squashes, red peppers, leafy greens and many different fruits such as grapefruit, watermelon, cherries, mangos and cherries.


Your health, including your hair's health no longer has to be sacrificed, and your entire look can be completely revamped with some well needed TLC that can be provided from a simple diet change and some vole hair care. Be sure to always place importance on the quality of hair products that you use to deter counteracting your positive and healthy hair care changes. Exclusive tips and tricks can also be found on the Vole newsletter, so don't forget to subscribe.


Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn