Top 7 ingredients to look for in your hair products


Are you tired of having frizzy, dry, or disheveled bed hair no matter how many times you brush it or how many types of shampoo you use on it? Keep on reading. There are ways to get straighter, more gorgeous hair if you know what to put on it in terms of ingredients and techniques.

Here are a few of the top ingredients to look for in your hair products:

 Alleviate Dry Scalp with Avena Sativa: Cultivated as cereal grain and known as the oat plant is an ingredient found in hair care products known for its properties of treating and reducing the occurrence of itchiness and dryness in your scalp and restoring your hair's moisture balance. It also helps remove excess dirt and oil that accumulates in your scalp to improve shine and manageability.

Improve the Luster and Volume of Your Hair with Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil is also available in shampoos or as a standalone bottle that adds volume and luster to our hair. It does this by stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, thus strengthening hair follicles and promoting hair growth. This oil also possesses anti-bacterial properties that remove dead skin buildup and mitigates scalp irritation.

Cool Down Your Scalp with Menthol: Menthol isn't just available for tobacco and candies. It's also something added to shampoos through mint oils from peppermint and the like. It goes through scalp skin to give your hair a cooling effect. It relieves an irritated scalp and gets rid of dead skin like eucalyptus oil does. Try Volé shampoo to restore healthy sheen and thickness in damaged hair. 

Use products with Clover Flower Extract and Milk Protein: Clover Flower Extract contains Biochanin-A and other phytoestrogens to reactivate dormant hair follicles and support hair growth, giving your hair more elasticity and strength. Meanwhile, milk protein has lipids and amino acids to also help the hydration, durability, and regeneration of your hair. Clinical trials show that milk proteins assist in making your follicle cells and scalp healthier.

Gather and Apply Lemon Zest, Sugar Cane, and Gardenia Tahitensis Flower Extracts: The special blend of 12 different gardenia tahitensis flowers mixed with natural extracts from lemon zest and sugar cane can assist in repairing hair fibers and moisturizing them for good measure to achieve a healthy shin every time. This mix of herbs and extracts can also lead to more manageable and healthier hair.

Moisturize with Phytantriol: It helps to maintain moisture balance and protect your hair from drying out after exposure to a blow dryer.  This polyol compound is long-chained and capable of assisting amino acids such as silk amino acids and keratin to better penetrate your hair and give it a better shine when push comes to shove.

Rebalance the Hair Life Cycle with Organic Pea Sprout Extract: Your hair growth can be stimulated by a special organic pea sprout extract as well. According to a three-month clinical study, it works by encouraging the regeneration of dermal papilla cells, thus reactivating your hair growth. What's more, it can increase hair density by 8%, thus boosting hair regrowth and extending the hair life cycle. It's perfect for those with thin or balding hair.

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn