The Fall Hair Color Trends That Will Change The Season

'Tis the season for a change in color for everything from the leaves on the trees to the strands on your head that complete your stunning look each day. While Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber take a lighter approach to the season with blonde hues, there are many other stunning fall hair color trends that can totally rejuvenate you for this season. Think everything from blonde to bronde, copper and highlights and even natural roots because the fall hair color trends definitely aren't lacking in variety.


Rock Those Natural Roots

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Natural roots was once considered a serious beauty faux pas but that is all about to change this fall season. The color combination is similar to the previous year's favorite of ombre hair styles, but this one is so much easier. In fact, it's darn right effortless. You can allow your hair dye to grow out just in time for the fall season by using the Vole regenerative serum that encourages hair growth or you can simply skip out on your next touch-up appointments. You can even emphasize those trending roots even more with flawless lowlights with a combination of subtle highlights near your ends. Roots are in, ladies.

Barbie-Esque Blonde

It's not just the dudes in the spot light that are rocking the bright, Versace, barbie-esque blonde hue in their hair. Miley Cyrus is a huge fan, as is Rita Ora and so many more of your favorite celebrities. This fall hair color trend is super lightening for the darker days of the season that will seriously light up your entire mood and look. It's time to go fairly close to platinum and keep your hair ultra-shiny with Vole hair care.

Deep and Dark Browns

Brown hair color can fall flat, but this fall season, there are some tricks to the trade that will keep your newfound locks on point. One of the best fall hair color trends within the brown department is to opt for hair tones that have a deep mahogany hue to add in a little more edge and mystery into your beauty. It also reflects light incredibly, allowing a subtle shimmer that certainly won't allow your locks to fall flat this season.

Bronde is a Thing

You're probably thinking 'what in the world is bronde', and it is actually one of the most popular fall hair color trends of the season. It's a combination between blonde and brown (hence the name) and while it was also a trend during the later months of the summer, it certainly isn't going anywhere during fall either. Cara Delevigne rocks the blend of light brown, caramel and buttery tones flawlessly into a bronde appearance. It's also an excellent tone when you just can't decide between the prior; Barbie blonde and deep and dark browns.

Copper is Chic

For the ladies that want to channel their inner Eva Mendes' or Rihanna, this fall hair color trend is definitely for you. While it isn't a full-blown red look, it certainly isn't close to being brown either. Instead, the copper tone offers muted auburns with a dose of copper hues that reflect incredibly with warmer skin tones. 

Full Highlights

Now, if a monochrome or shimmer isn't your thing, there is no need to worry because full highlights are making a comeback. It's an excellent way to make your hair look super polished and full of volume and dimension without you having to do much pampering at all. Whether you want to stick with thin highlights or make a serious statement with brighter tones weaved throughout, this fall hair color trends allow you to emphasize your individuality with your latest style.



Be sure to grab yourself some Vole Hair Care to complete the look and keep it lasting well throughout the season!

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn