Quick and Cute Hairstyles for Football Sunday

Football season has officially started, which means that your Sundays are more than likely going to be taken up with delicious game day snacks and incredible football fun, but there is something you need to know. There is nothing tackier than dressing to the nines and looking completely glamorous like you're walking a red carpet but are actually attending/watching a football game. There's a nickname for ladies like that but no one needs to go there. Since football Sundays are supposed to be casual and entertaining, there is no need for you to take hours on end to do your hairstyles. The ultimate look is effortless, yet flawless and with these quick and cute hairstyles for football Sunday, you'll be winning touchdowns in the fashion and beauty department in no time. After all, a huge fashion and beauty rule is to dress for the occasion and to look the part.


Lavish in the Low Maintenance

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Your football Sunday quick and cute hairstyles need to be totally simple. No fancy styles allow, ladies. Something as simple as a messy bun or fishtail braid to the side is all you need to accompany you to the next Sunday. Anything that is low maintenance is key. After all, you don't want to be a distraction to the game.

Tackle the Tousled Look

There isn't a hairstyle more effortless and flawless than the tousled look. Use some Vole hair care to keep your locks moisturized and sleek during these chillier months and with a bit of hair product, use your fingers to shake up your hair. The results are super football worthy. If your hair isn't long enough for the tousled hairstyle just yet, incorporate the Vole regenerative serum into your beauty regime to encourage quicker and stronger hair growth that will be perfect for this season. However, this doesn't mean that you're out of hairstyle luck until then because even shorter styles can enjoy a tousled, texturized look. Some sculpting gel will go a long way with your Vole hair care.

Subtly Glamorous

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While glam is never a look that you want to go for during football season unless your team has made it to the Super Bowl and you're going all out, a subtly glamorous look is certainly acceptable. Nothing says pretty like long, flowing hair does. So get your locks growing with Vole regenerative serum and blow dry your hair or use your largest curling wand to get large and loose curls. Forget the hair accessories unless it is a hat, and you're on you'll be racking up the yards of beauty. 

Hats are the Only Hair Accessories

As mentioned, forget the shimmering hair clips and bows and fancy accessories because the only hair accessory you need for football Sundays is a hat. It could be a hat that sports your team's colors that will show off your team spirit, or it can just be a hat that is meant for warmth. Logo or not, hats are always acceptable on the sidelines especially when the weather gets colder.

Punt the Ponytails

There is one way to punt your hairstyles into high gear during football season and that is with the classic and extremely simple ponytail. Now, the traditional version is always casual and effortless but there is a new hairstyle trend that has arrived this fall season and it's the half ponytail. Yes, ladies. It's back. Thank you, Ariana Grande. So section your hair into two halves and tie the top up into a high ponytail or even a bun. This chic look is totally trending and keeps your hair off of your face while you're tailgating the day away.



Whatever you do, just be sure to keep things effortless and simple and keep your Vole hair care on point because with the chillier weather comes damaged locks and that's just never a good look - football Sundays and not. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with hairstyle trends and tips and tricks to Vole hair care that will keep your look vitalized.

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn