Our Story

The Volé Hair System was developed by a formulation scientist and his wife, after having difficulty finding natural products to combat her thinning hair. They theorized her hair lifecycle had become unbalanced due to the loss of natural vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining it's fuller, younger look. Over time, and much tinkering, they were able to develop a unique system meant to deliver exactly what her hair needed throughout the haircare process to ensure a balanced lifecycle.

The results were incredible. After several weeks of using their formula, not only did her hair look well-nourished and feel amazing, but she even began to see new hair growth! They asked family and friends to try their product, and report their results. Again, the feedback was shocking. Every person was amazed at how well it worked for them. The husband and wife team then put their life's savings into creating a brand dedicated to helping people rebalance their natural hair lifecycle by restoring the nutrients it needed. Volé Hair was born.