4 Secrets to Caring for Curly Hair

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Curly hair problems. We all have them. The straight hair ladies have no idea what we go through just to keep our tresses looking somewhat presentation. However, there’s some good news to look forward to because there are some Vole Hair secrets that can make maintaining and caring for curly hair so much easier. So grab a bottle of revitalizing shampoo and volumizing conditioner and enjoy these curly hair tips for many amazing hair days in your future.

 curly hair, wavy hair, volumizing conditioner, total care kit, Vole, volehair, revitalizing shampoo, regen serum, spring

  1. Forbid traditional shampoos and start using a revitalizing shampoo

One of the best curly hair tips any lady could ever get is to stop using traditional shampoo. It is simply too harsh for curly hair. Spend a little more on a revitalizing shampoo, and decrease the amount of time spent trying to manage your damaged tresses.


  1. Revitalizing shampoo shower secrets to caring for curly hair

Since your curly hair naturally lacks oil, it takes a serious beating well throughout your beauty regime. However, you can definitely decrease this with some shower secrets. As a rule of thumb, stop washing your hair. Instead, focus the revitalizing shampoo on your scalp, as opposed to working the lather through your locks. With all the layers of hair that you have, the scalp rarely gets cleaned and the product gets trapped in your tresses. Then, use the volumizing conditioner for your hair. Shampoo scalp; conditioner hair. It’s that simple. You also never want to brush post shower because your hair is simply too brittle and this can blow your curls out of the water. No pun intended.


  1. Change the way you use volumizing conditioner

Now that you just learned to keep the volumizing conditioner for your hair, and the shampoo for the scalp, there are some additional shower secrets that are key to caring for curly hair. When it comes to conditioner, leave it in for a couple minutes while you finish up in the shower, and then rinse it out. You may want to do so with cool water, as it’ll enhance the shine in your hair and it will decrease the frizz. But if starting your day with a cold shower doesn’t sound like a good time, simply use Regen Serum.


  1. Place importance on the quality of products you use with Total Hair Kit

The quality of hair products you use is one of the most crucial tips to caring for curly hair, or for any hair for that matter. A basic rule to follow is to avoid anything with sulfates, silicons and parabens. While there are many chemicals that are simply never good for your hair, these three seem to be the most common and harshest of the bunch. You can view the endless aisles of products available in drugstores, but you’ll have to read the ingredient lists, and likely, of many. Or, you could purchase the Total Hair Kit from Vole and trust a brand that knows all about healthy tresses.



It’s that simple. Buy Vole for silky, smoother, and more natural looking hair. Managing and caring for curly hair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These tips will have you loving and flaunting what you were naturally blessed with in no time. Claim your 20% discount with the code “spring”.


Alan Muir
Alan Muir