Bad Habits Hurting Your Healthy Hair?

Keeping your hair healthy and shiny can be a hard thing to do these days with so many damaging products and chemicals out there on the market, but the truth is that many of the hair damaging culprits are simply bad habits that can definitely be changed. These every day mistakes that so many of us make can leave your luscious locks looking anything but luscious. More importantly, there are just as many "do's" for your hair as there are "don'ts" and starting a regimen that includes our revitalizing shampoo and conditioner is the first step. Then, try to avoid these common bad habits that are hurting your healthy hair and you'll start to encourage strong, luscious hair growth.



Shampoo DON'Ts

Who would ever think that your cleaning regimen could actually be harmful for your hair? The truth is that many people make many mistakes during the hair cleansing process. One of the biggest mistakes is the amount of shampoo that we use and how often we actually cleanse our hair. Shampooing every day strips your hair of its natural oils and nutrients, leaving your tresses brittle and your scalp dry. Typically, many people also use too much shampoo with each wash. Nothing more than a quarter size dollop of revitalizing shampoo should be used  and while it is recommended to shampoo every other day, it does depend on your activity level. 


Hair Styling Don'ts

Your hair styling can also be a culprit that is stripping your hair of its natural beauty. Never brush your hair when it is wet and if you must, use a comb and a detangling serum to decrease breakage. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so be sure to treat it properly. You also never want to rub your hair with your towel to get it dry. Instead, use the blotting method to soak up the excess water and allow your hair to air dry whenever possible. When it comes to using heat to style your hair, always use a protective spray and try to limit the use of hot irons as much as possible.


Don't Skip Trimmings

You may think that you're on top of your hair care game, but unless you are getting your hair trimmed every 6 weeks, you could be furthering the damage that is being done to your locks. Your hair needs to be trimmed on a regular basis in order to keep it healthy and rejuvenated. Trimming off those dry and brittle ends will encourage hair growth and keep your locks looking luscious. So, don't skip out on regular hair trims. This will also allow you to maintain the shape of your hairstyle which is a huge bonus.


Don't Skip Summer Protection

Just like your skin, your hair also needs protection from the strong UV rays or it will be subjected to breakage. Hats are highly recommended for those scorching hot days, and it just so happens that floppy sun hats are super trendy right now. So it should be your next best accessory for your hair's health. If you tend to swim a lot in a pool, the chlorine can be extremely damaging to your hair as well. To deter this, soak your hair prior to entering the pool, braid your hair to lock in the clean water and deter the chlorine (your hair is like a sponge so wetting it first is vital to deter it from soaking up the chlorine), and always rinse your locks thoroughly afterwards.


Don't Lighten in the Sun

Although lightening your locks is highly desired in the summer, never ever use chemical-packed solutions that bleach your hair in the sunlight. This is extremely damaging to your hair. Instead, for a natural summer glow and highlights, spritz in some lemon juice.

 Change up these most commonly made hair care mistakes and add Vole hair products  to your hair care regimen and your hair will shine with the benefits. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this before.

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn