Easy Summer Hair Ideas 

With the heat and humidity stirring up in the summer air, it can seem difficult to find a hairstyle that is chic and simple that won't be ruined by the weather. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend hours styling your hair only for it to become frizzy and unruly as soon as you step outside. Luckily, there are some incredible hair products that can keep this from happening. When you choose Vole Hair Products for these effortless and trendy hairstyles, your hair will be able to withstand everything that the summer heat brings. 



Relax with Loose Curls

Loose curls are effortless and a little messy, so whatever the heat and humidity does do to your hair can easily be blended into laid back style. To achieve this look, wash hair with Vole  revitalizing shampoo and follow up with Vole volumizing conditioner, then blow dry your hair and smooth it with some styling cream. Twist your hair by hand or with a thick curling iron, then loosely separate curls with your fingers. Spritz on a light hair spray and shake your hair just a bit with your finger tips to create that effortless look.


Simple Pony Styles

A ponytail is a no-brainer for those sticky days when you're on the go. To create a simple summer appeal that is super chic, blow dry your hair to give it some shape and use a texturing cream to add a bit of volume and style to this traditional look.  You can also place your ponytail at different levels on your head to achieve different appearances. A high pony is a super chic look that keeps everything swept up from your neck, and a low one tied at the nape of your neck can be an elegant summer look. Tousle the look and add some volume at the crown of your hair to make this simple pony tail look like it took hours for you to put together. 

Effortless Updos

A simple pony tail may feel too basic for you, but you can enjoy the exact same simplicity with other hair styles that add an extra dose of chicness. Instead of tying your hair straight back, twist the sides back or twist your bangs to the side. This will also get the hairs up and swept away from your face and neck which is always appreciated on the hot summer days. You can also twist some strands from your ponytail around the elastic band to take away the casual appearance and turn your hair into a stylish masterpiece that took seconds to achieve.



Straight and Sleek

While incorporating straightening irons into your summer hair regime doesn't always seem so ideal, it can be an excellent way to achieve a sleek look that is perfect for going from the beach to the bar or from the boardroom to the boardwalk...not to mention that straight and sleek hairstyles look incredible with the summer colors and season breeze. However, if you still insist that wearing your hair down is just too much, pull your straightened hair up into a high ponytail for a trendy and glamorous look that even the celebrities adore.  To glam the look up even more, add a bit of shape and waves into some strands with texturizing cream and with a dime size dollop of Vole hair serum, your hair will be ready to fight the frizz and humidity of the day.


Summer heat and humidity doesn't have to jeopardize your incredible sense of style and beauty. With these simple tweaks to traditional hairstyles and fabulous Vole hair products, you can rock an effortless and super chic appearance that won't blow up into a frizz ball as soon as you step outside.

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn