The Benefits of AnaGain

One of the most important ingredients unique to the Volé system is an organic pea sprout extract better known as AnaGain. This powerful ingredient is growing in popularity among scientists and biochemists, largely due to recent studies indicating it to be one of the most powerful natural alternatives to the harsh chemical-based products currently dominating the market. Aware of the recent scientific breakthrough, we saw an opportunity to do our own study by adding AnaGain to our formulation early on in the development process. Our internal results were amazing, and we knew right away we had to get this product to the people as soon as possible. 

AnaGain works by supporting the regeneration of dermal papilla cells that reactive hair growth. Extended use can lead to a rebalancing effect on the natural hair cycle, which in turn can lead to new hair growth. A three-month clinical study of AnaGain found that key indicators of hair density were increased by approximately 8% to extend the hair life cycle and boost regrowth. 

According to the German Health & Beauty website Cossma:

Mibelle Biochemistry’s ingredient AnaGain won the Advanced Ingredient Award 2014 at Beyond Beauty in Paris. This award was for the first time given to the most innovative hair care ingredient of the year.

AnaGain is an ingredient designed for hair care products to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is based on organic pea sprouts and has proven to reactivate hair growth by directly targeting the dermal papilla cells that are key to the hair growth cycle. Thanks to its double action, the active ingredient boosts the expression of the noggin gene, which results in a shorter resting period – telogen phase, and it also enhances the expression of the fibroblast growth factor-7 gene. This in turn stimulates the proliferation of hair germ cells to grow hair.

In a clinical study AnaGain increased the hair growth coefficient (proportion of active hair follicles to degenerating ones) from 4 to 7.2 indicating a strong hair re-growing effect. This active ingredient is thus a clinically proven solution ensuring fuller and thicker hair.

Very few products utilize AnaGain presently, and those who do often struggle to find an optimally balanced formula due to it's relative newness in the industry. Luckily the Volé line was master-formulated, and underwent extensive internal testing to find exactly the right balance to achieve the best possible results.

Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn