Introducing the Volé Regenerative Complex


We here at Volé are pleased to announce the launch of our signature Volé 3-part hair regeneration system, scientifically formulated to address the underlying causes of follicle malnutrition at every stage of the hair care process. 

Men and women both can experience dull, inelastic hair for a variety of reasons. We have all been there at some point. Hormonal changes, aging, as well as damaging ultraviolet light can all have an impact on the natural hair growth cycle. Our mission is to combat these negative effects and provide a system that delivers the healthy, nourished hair we all deserve. 

The secret is our proprietary formula which delivers vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy hair lifecycle. Instead of harsh chemical additives, we source natural ingredients such as coconut-derived cleansers, eucalyptus, menthol, and avena sativa. We strictly avoid harsh, follicle-damaging astringents without sacrificing effectiveness. Over many years of research we have been able to determine the perfect combination of natural ingredients to help exfoliate your scalp, stimulate follicles, and provide optimal conditions to replenish missing nutrients. Volé is engineered from the ground up to leave your hair looking and feeling better than ever.  

We are excited for the journey as we share our many years of hard work with the world. We appreciate your kind support, particularly as we begin to establish a presence. Please send us your stories of how Volé has impacted your life, and we will try and feature them on our blog. Looking forward to all the adventures ahead. 


Kate Densborn
Kate Densborn