Holiday Foods That Are Harmful To Your Hair

'Tis the season for packing on the pounds. The holiday months are right around the corner, and you are bound to be tempted by all the Christmas favorites. No matter how tempting the candy, turkey stuffing, eggnog and alcoholic beverages may be, they're really not good for your health. And we aren't just talking about your internal health. These holiday treats can actually be significantly damaging to your hair's health. While it's totally unrealistic to avoid these Christmas staples completely, adding a Total Care Kit into your hair regime will blast the healthy nutrients and minerals back into your hair after every bite. So here's to the holiday season and counteracting the unhealthy elements oh holiday treats by revitalizing your hair with Vole products.



Candy Canes

Minty fresh candy canes seem to be around every corner and on every tree branch during this time of year. They're colorful, festive and a delicious holiday treat. However, they're also packed with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which are two things that are never good for your diet or hair. While one candy cane won't jeopardize your waistline or luscious locks, having a few can cause some problems. Anything high in sugar - yes, this includes all candy and not just candy canes - can lead to oily, dull, flat hair. However, it's nothing that can't be taken care of with some Revitalizing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner.


Eggnog is a beverage that many of us refuse to skip over during the Christmas season. It's tasty, traditional and full of spirit. Unfortunately, it is just as full with cream, sugar and eggs, which really aren't a nutritious combination. One serving can contain as many as 400 calories and 20 grams of fat. While there are no direct links to how eggnog is damaging to your hair, there is tons of proof that saturated fats and a load of sugar can drain the energy out of your hair, just as they do with your body. 

Frozen Dinners

The holiday season is incredibly busy and you may find yourself chowing down on frozen dinners to save some time. Although convenient, they're incredibly bad for your health, including your hair. Frozen dinners are packed with salt that is needed to preserve the food. Unfortunately, eating too many salty meals will dry your hair out, leaving it brittle, weak, lifeless and broken. So if frozen dinners are a once-in-a-while must, counteract the damage of the salt with some Vole products.


The holiday season is never complete without some delicious pies, but they're not good for your hair's health. Even if it's a pecan pie, which can seem fairly healthy, the pecan part is really the only nutritious element. What you're really getting, regardless of the flavor of pie, is white flour, shortening and a sugary filling. As you already know, sugar will suck the life out of your hair. So, if you must, have a slice of pumpkin pie. It, at the very least contains lots of Vitamin A and fiber, which will keep your hair moisturized and lush. Be sure to keep your Total Care Kit within your hair regime if you plan on indulging, even if its just a little bit.


Even if it's a glass of red wine a night, alcohol really isn't good for your hair. That's especially true if your Christmas season consists of excessive drinking. Since alcohol literally drains your body of necessary fluids and nutrients, your hair will pay the price, as will your skin and nails. If you plan on having a couple of alcoholic drinks, such as eggnog and rum, enjoy in moderation and replenish your hair with crucial nutrients that can be found in Vole products.



It's time to spread the holiday cheer. These Christmas staples aren't only unhealthy for your body, but for your hair too. Since they can be essential to boosting your holiday spirit o the cold and dark days of winter, be sure to only enjoy in small doses and counteract the unhealthy elements with a Total Care Kit with Vole Products. Get a 20% Discount by typing the code PRO810.

Alan Muir
Alan Muir